The Gents & Liars

An original band of six groove engineers

Settle into the driver’s seat. It’s time for a road trip, destination unknown. Skip through the static airwaves with each turn of the radio dial until a fresh yet familiar sound rings out through the speakers. You have discovered the Gents & Liars, a band of six groove engineers based in Johnson City, Tennessee.
The six members of the Gents & Liars fine-tuned their skills in previous projects before forming this powerhouse lineup. They are connected by their desire to play songs straight from their hearts and pens. Pair their original sound with a fresh take on cover tunes from artists that inspire their vintage vibe and the result is a nostalgic kickdrum straight to listeners’ hearts. 

Sean McCurry and lead guitarist Tony Mowell go way back, starting their music career in high school. Bassist David Mowell and drummer Craig Kestner build the groove foundation, while Chris Ward adds a swath of color to the rhythm section. Jimmy Dale is responsible for that big, dynamic sound on the keys that makes G&L stand out.

“Just like the old days,” the new EP from the Gents & Liars is now streaming on all major platforms. The seven original tracks showcase songwriting talent and musicianship grown in the mountains of Northeast Tennessee. Their tribute to home, “Hey Hey Tennessee,” brings local crowds to their feet, while “Country and rock-n-roll” captures the heart and soul of their love for playing and performing.

“We have been absolutely blown away by the response to our original music and we are so excited to have the opportunity to bring our sound from the stage to your speakers so you can listen when and wherever,” says Sean. 

The Gents & Liars are dedicated to creating an immersive musical experience weaving together timeless stories showcased in “Old Flame,” as well as “Let You Down” and “Rescue Me.” Other tunes like “Devious Woman” and “Get A Little Groove On” set the mood for a good time. 

“I have the time of my life playing on stage with these guys. The release of ‘Just Like The Old Days’ feels like a special moment in this journey we are on together,” Tony says.  

The Gents & Liars deliver a high-energy live performance featuring a unique mix of harmonies and first-class musicianship. Check the show schedule often, as more dates are being added. Join the best fans around and #GrowTheLie with the Gents & Liars!